Comfort Keepers

And now, more examples of C.R.U.D. as Heather and Susan continue on their de-cluttering crusades, one junk drawer at a time…

We think we know why the space bag was invented.  Space bags are a storage solutions designed to compress clothing and bedding so you can reduce the order of magnitude to a manageable level.  You merely cram in as many T-shirts as physics can allow in the bag, seal it and suck out excess air, with the help of your vacuum cleaner.  You could say this clever approach to storage is a tad enabling to those who insist on keeping it all. Still, the most appropriate use of this “reverse” technology is to tame unruly comforters and duvets.

We have written before on the folly of holding on to yards and yards of unused bed-clothes for extraordinary lengths of time.  Just about everything has an expiration date, even percale.  Comforters and duvets supplanted bedspreads decades ago as the ubiquitous standard for a well-dressed bed.  They actually constitute their own C.R.U.D. category because storage is so problematical.  Allow us to elucidate.

Bulky does not even begin to describe the down-filled circus tent that lies atop your pillow-topped queen-size.  No problem when you are lying beneath the luxurious layers of warmth while the winds howl outside.  But, summer inevitably comes. You strip down to more lightweight coverings, or maybe just use a top sheet. The heavy blankets and quilts are put away until the next season.  This is where the difficulties start.

Not only are they unwieldy from a size perspective, they tend to be slippery to the touch as a shucked oyster.  You can try your best to stuff your duvet under your bed or on a high shelf in your closet. It won’t take long for it to try to flex its substantial girth.  Every time you innocently open that closet door, you risk personal injury as your fiber-filled nemesis attempts to explode from captivity, leaving you with no choice but to leave it on the floor stuffed in a lawn and leaf bag.

If you lay claim to more than one bed, then this scenario will be played out wherever there are sleeping quarters in your home.


If an investment in space-bag shrinkage is not what you had in mind, there are several other options to consider. If you have multiple comforters for the same bed, donations are always desired by homeless shelters or families in need.  You could re-purpose those in less than mint condition as protection for furniture moving.  The next time you go for a country outing, bungee cord one and take it along for a relaxing post-picnic snooze minus the grass stains.

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