War Paint


People are always asking us about the lifespan of perishable products. There was a recent article in the Vancouver Sun that defined when good makeup goes bad.  The bad news is the timeframe is a good deal shorter than you think.  The writer sent me in a tossing frenzy in my bathroom; aging mascaras were the first sacrifices.  Many women have a weakness with makeup and skin care products. With none of us getting any younger, who is not tempted by the use of artifice to counteract the ravages of time and nature’s shortcomings?  We are reminded on a daily basis that seventy is the new fifty or that eighty is the new sixty.  One must keep up appearances. For some women, makeup and skincare products add up to a sizable investment. It is no wonder, that even if the results fall somewhat short of the promised expectations, or the products remain unused year after year, there is a strong reluctance to throw them away.

Cosmetics are effortless acquisitions.  The purchase is easily justifiable.  A new outfit may need a lip shade not currently in your arsenal.  Part of treating yourself to an overdue facial at the spa means procuring the pricey products so you can replicate the experience at home.  Replacing your shattered blush that destroyed the inside of your handbag can mean bonus time at your favorite department store cosmetic counter.  The number of makeup categories alone; pore minimizers, bronzers, shadows, glosses, lip and eye pencils, foundations, pressed powders – to name a few – are limitless. The cosmetic companies keep coming up with new must-haves,  like under-eye rollers to eliminate the dark circles or crack fillers that keep your lipstick from bleeding into those fine lines, a.k.a.: wrinkles.

CRUD Challenge

If reading about this type of C.R.U.D. is making you more than slightly uncomfortable, then immediate action is required.  Much of our advice about getting rid of old stuff can be taken on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis.  This clear-out is imperative, because it concerns your health.  Not only will you achieve more storage space in a typically cramped area, but you will also achieve peace of mind about disposing a questionable substance. Go grab those latex gloves and garbage bags and dig in. Most potions will not have a sell by date so you will have to rely on memory. You can empty the contents and recycle most of the packaging.  As long as you are going to do this, do not forget about your perfume collection.  Many of these fragrances do not hold up well after a decade or two.  Other good places to locate old cosmetics are your handbags, especially the ones you have not shouldered for a while, and your travel cosmetic bags.  We encourage you to do a cosmetic review every few months or so. Unlike other major purging activities, this is not a onetime deal.

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