Through a Glass Darkly


Like umbrellas, sunglasses often qualify as emergency purchases. Even if you claim ownership to a half-dozen pair, you might find yourself in a situation where there is nothing between you and the blinding glare of the sun. You could be driving west through a rainstorm only to be caught up short when the clouds suddenly break and you find yourself standing on the brakes, narrowly missing a collision with the mini-van directly in front of you – that you simply could not see. Or, a night of a bit to much in the revelry department could make concealing eye ware a mandatory apparatus for handling a Sunday morning brunch with your in-laws.

Serving as both a fashion accessory and protection, sunglasses are among the most accessible products on the planet. They cover an enormous array stylistically, and with price points that range from the simply inexpensive to bank-breaking. These lenses have become increasingly more sophisticated rendering their predecessors practically obsolete.  Polarized and specially treated sunglasses offer greater UV protection than older versions. You can buy pairs specifically manufactured for sports, others for driving, and some that transition. There are even sunglasses specifically designed for reading. There is nothing like a pair of designer sunglasses to add a whiff of incognito movie star glamour to any outfit, especially when paired with a head scarf.

Perhaps you can understand why we included excessive sunglass accumulation to our list of accessory C.R.U.D. (Completely Ridiculous Useless Debris).  How many pairs do you have?

CRUD Challenge

You may have to set aside some time for this exercise, as they may be hiding in a number of locations.  Sunglasses fall into the “wandering category” and are easily forgotten. Some of your pairs might even be replacements for others that you inadvertently left on the table of a restaurant when you went to the ladies room. Start with purses you don’t often use, sports bags, beach totes and jacket pockets. Then proceed to other cavities of neglect in drawers, baskets or bowls.  Don’t forget the car.  It may good for a pair or two. Check glove compartments and sun visors.

Now you should be ready for the critical examination phase. Just as you, hopefully, inspect clothing and other accessories for wear and tear at the end of a season; you should apply the same scrutiny to your sunglass collection. If you are not planning to wear over unflattering tank tops for another season, why keep sunglasses with any of the following characteristics:

1. Sunglass lenses so scratched and pitted you’d swear they served as a platform for an illegal cockfight.

2. Any pair missing at least one lens.

3.  Any pair where the frames are being held together with a band-aid, chewing gum or adhesive tape.

4. Visor sunglasses that make you look like a cross between a bookie and a praying mantis.  They may work but they frighten other people.


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