Coco Loco

According to Coco Channel, a woman who does not wear perfume has no future. We don’t know about you, but the fragrance section of a duty-free store in the airport lures us in every time.  While the prices may only be marginally better than a department store, the selection is often staggering. Maybe when we are traveling we are a bit looser with our money in general. The bottles are so elegant, who can resist the temptation, especially if you are a collector?

The fragrance business, once the preserve of the world’s most recognized names in fashion design has literally spilled its way into the cult of celebrity.  Name even a minor actress or model who does not have her essence distilled into a small bottle that carries a hefty price tag. The mass marketing of perfume demands not one signature scent for every female but many: sexy, sporty, ones to match your moods, the season etc.

Once you get your fragrance purchase home, you may have some storage challenges to confront. Your dressing table may be over-populated with vials and atomizers.  The bathroom counters may be overrun as well. Even your closets and drawers may run short on excess storage capacity. Still, that is not your only problem with maintaining a sizable perfume collection.

Wearing perfume in many places like offices, yoga studios and elevators has gone the way of sending a peanut butter sandwich to a classroom of preschoolers.  There are millions people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other repertory ailments for whom a hint of cologne can trigger an incident.  Therefore, there are many places and occasions where perfume is totally banned.  If you go out in this new fragrance free world you get lumped in with other modern-day pariahs like smokers and people who wear real fur.


CRUD Challenge

If you are already mourning the loss of olfactory pleasure that the present day environment presents, there are some things you can do to help yourself.  First, you must gather up all of the fragrance bottles for appraisal and culling. There is some debate as to how long perfume can be stored without going bad.  Changes in color are a good indication.  If your bottles are opaque, you will have to give the contents the sniff test.  Dump the contents of anything that seems suspicious. Next is to look for duplication or near duplication.  Do you have the same fragrance in a bottle with a stopper, a spray, as a toilet water and cologne? There may be an opportunity to gift the extras to friends or charities. Have you received any scented gifts that are still inside the original boxes because they don’t do anything for you?  These can be donated too. Finally, the next time you have time to kill in an airport for an international flight, we recommend you load up on duty-free chocolates or alcohol instead, and stay far away from the pretty amber colored bottles.

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