Black Out

If there were ever a garment that constitutes a wardrobe staple, it would most certainly be black pants.  For good reason.  Black is a neutral that goes with any color. Black is slenderizing. You already own several pair of black shoes and at least one black purse, You don’t have to be searching for and spending money on these and other accessories.  It also does not show dirt as much as other colors. Wearing black is always chic. Even other neutrals get referred to as the “new black” in the pages of the fashion press. You can never go wrong if you wear black.
Still the aphorism “too much of a good thing” applies to those people whose closet interiors resemble a moonless night. Slide the door open and you will confront a dark forest of double-limbed vestments, almost to the exclusion of the rest of the world’s color spectrum. The question is, how many pairs of black pants can one person wear?  We realize that some are jeans, others are dress or work pants.  Others may have belonged to pantsuit where the jacket may have been given away to the Salvation Army. You may have bought a couple of the same pair because you liked the fit and were afraid you would never find another like it again.  Some of your black pants could be crops or ones you only use for working out. You need pairs of differing lengths to adjust to the height of your heels. A few pairs of black pants may still be hanging around from the time you belonged to another weight class.  The time has come to root out a major contributor to overcrowded closet CRUD by paring down your collection.
CRUD Challenge
Before you stop reading this entirely, take a few moments to consider our point. Some black
pants deserve to stay and some do not.  Like other clothing purging exercises this requires hauling out all of your black slacks for examination.  Here are some possible criteria to aid in the process of elimination.  Look for duplication.  Is there an excess in one or two categories or styles?  Keep the most flattering and arrange for alternate destinies for your discards.  Fading is another component. After many washes, many black garments fade to grey or take on a nubby texture, not unlike a stippled ceiling. Then there is the ugly factor. Do any of your black slacks sport the pleated fronts that make you look like you have swallowed a beach ball? Could you house a small band of gypsies in the flared leg your black palazzos? Don’t omit the pants covered in plastic sheeting from your scrutiny either.  If they have never been worn in the three years since you picked them up at the dry cleaner’s, they are not worth the real estate they occupy.  When you have completed this task, feel free to splurge on at least one new pair to celebrate, only at least make it brown or navy. Be daring.

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