Petticoat Junction


It’s snowing down south. That’s an expression we have not heard in decades. There is a good reason for that. Back in junior high, “snowing down south” was code for “your slip is showing.” A friend or Good Samaritan might give you a heads up, sending you scurrying to the Girl’s Room for an interior wardrobe adjustment.  Those were the days before women were allowed to wear pants to school. Even when the mercury dipped below freezing, you had to wear a skirt or stay home.

We’ve come a long way with respect to freedom of choice in wearing apparel. Many women today have forsaken skirts and dresses altogether in favor slacks and jeans. They either don’t like their legs, resent wearing heels or simply desire the comfort, warmth and versatility of dressing in leggings or pants. After all, trying to bicycle to work in a maxi-skirt presents obvious challenges.

So, what’s the deal with all of the slips still resident in your lingerie drawers? Back in the day when slips were a wardrobe staple designed to prevent embarrassing moments caused by static cling, you had full slips and half-slips, long ones and short ones and crinolines. Even if you still wear skirts or dresses, most are already lined, so why waste valuable drawer space on undergarments that no longer serve their intended purpose. 

CRUD Challenge

If it breaks your heart to have to part with your collection, consider saving a few select pieces, including a full slip to indulge your inner Maggie the Cat.  Your selection process should include the state of the garment. Toss anything that is either ripped or stained and designate the rest for your donation bag. Don’t let the bag sit in your home for an eternity. There are plenty of clothing donation bins on streets and parking lots. This would be an excellent opportunity to purge other artifacts from your dresser like tights that bag at the knees, shrunken camisoles that no longer reach your belly button, granny panties and those old standbys, shoulder pads.


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