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Here is a CRUD-clearing project that can be accomplished in less time than it takes to complete the Monday New York Times crossword. Can you recall the last time you explored your belt collection? Everyone seems to eternally hold on to belts for a variety of reasons. Unlike some other fashion accessories, belts are both practical and decorative. An attractive belt can divert the eye from lodging on a triple chin or the bulges way beyond what a thigh master can ever hope to correct. Fashionistas are forever changing the rules regarding which belts are “in” and which ones are “out” this season. One year dictates belts as wide as a six lane freeway while the next reverts to ties no broader than dental floss to achieve the current look. It is no wonder everyone neglects to cull their belts. Wait a couple of years and an old belt will be chic again. Right? Well, to a degree.

Belts are not necessarily the easiest accessories to store. If you put them in a drawer they are likely to uncoil and resemble a seething nest of vipers getting tangled up with one another and other seldom remembered change purses, eye glass cases and key chains. And you thought your only junk drawer lived in the kitchen. Have you attempted to hang your belts on a hook in your closet? That may work for the fifty percent or so whose buckles conform to hanging. What is your solution for the remainder? Draping them over a hanger is a surefire formula for a drop zone on the closet floor no doubt already littered with flip-flops and gym socks.

CRUD Challenge

Like everything else we bring to your attention, some of these will stay and some will need to go. Do go about this seriously, you have to go full circle. Do you have any belts that qualify as nostalgia pieces? These are the belts that you have been dragging around since high school when your waistline rivalled the size of Scarlet O’Hara’s. If your dress size is in the double digits, your chances of wearing those belts again are slim to none. Still haven’t located any other candidates worthy of purging? Keep looking. We think you will come across more belts that were attached at one time to dresses or jumpsuits you long ago gave away. There should be a few more where the leather is cracked or the buckle is missing or the elastic on a cummerbund no longer stretches. Once you have completed this phase, you may want to look into improving your storage methods for the remaining pieces. An old tie rack can be re-purposed.

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