What Lies Beneath


For some it is an endless quest: finding space to store everything they want to keep. Consequently, we frequently run across overwhelmed clients that will use any area or anything that resembles a container to stockpile surplus belongings.  Banana boxes and opaque plastic bags top the list of the impromptu storage vessels. As neither is designed for stacking, the floor itself resembles the aftermath of a Black Friday sale, before the sales personnel can return the premises to selling condition, in preparation for the next shockwave of shoppers.

If your floor is merely is merely a holding pen for any possessions that lack permanent homes, then you need to adapt to a storage regimen that allows you to take advantage of four times the space than your floor is currently offering. We are big advocates of the virtues of vertical space. Nearly everyone has walls and walls are not just for hanging pictures and mirrors.  Walls also support shelves and shelves possess untold possibilities for storing books, photos, knick-knacks, tools supplies etc. Visibility is the key to remembering where things are.  If you can’t see it, you don’t have it.

Just remember, the floor is not a storage area. Floors are bases designed to hold furniture, appliances, plants, magazine racks, floor lamps and large musical instruments.  You should be able to walk on them without having to wear protective shin guards or use sonar to  detect unseen objects that if accidently encountered can land you in the ER. Too much stuff limits the opportunity for proper cleaning.  Floor coverings themselves can constitute indoor health hazards. Carpets are havens for allergens. Unsecured area rugs are a major cause of falls.

CRUD Challenge

Floor clearing is a highly worthwhile endeavor, although it may prove time consuming.   You are apt to find any of the following monopolizing the lower regions of your rooms: piles of newspapers, magazines or books (mostly unread); dirty dishes, glasses and pizza boxes; discarded clothing; unfinished craft projects; oversized children’s’ toys like kitchens and doll carriages; athletic gear and giant pet transporters, large enough for a St. Bernard. You can throw in vacuum cleaners that never get put away and footwear representative of every season. If you merely either toss or stow the above, you might find that your living room has magically grown in size by leaps and bounds, or at least it will seem that way. You could be in a position to install hardwood.


Good Riddance Professional Organizing Solutions are designed to manage the struggle with clutter people neither have the time nor the patience to handle alone. Good Riddance eliminates the high cost of clinging to unwanted, unorganized and often forgotten clutter. Instead, Good Riddance assists with creating simple, effective organizing solutions that harmonize with your style and budget. Our professionals reduce the anxiety associated with getting organized because you won’t have to face it by yourself. We help you make those tough decisions concerning, what to give away, what to sell and what to throw away. Good Riddance guarantees that what you keep will be stored, organized and accessible.

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