Who is Good Riddance?

Susan Borax

Organizing has been a passion of Susan’s for some time. She has helped numerous clients in their quest for simplicity and order in their homes, employing hands-on assistance and practical advice. Often, the experience is described as ‘life-changing’. Good Riddance now gives Susan the opportunity to evangelize the good news messages of a clutter-free life through innovative workshops. Her fresh approach is to make de-cluttering fun, exhilarating and even lucrative for her clients. Susan also believes that the power of getting organized can be harnessed to benefit entire communities. Good Riddance is taking the lead on creating organizationally themed events to support the work of non-profits.

Susan brings 20 years experience in marketing sales and management in both Fortune 500 and small start-up operations to her business venture. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s in History. Ms. Borax is a graduate of BCIT’s Self-Employment Training Program.

Susan has been a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada (POC) since 2004 and currently serves on the BC Chapter’s Executive and is currently completing her TPO (Trained Professional Organizer) designation.

Heather Knittel

Being organized is a trait that comes easy to some. Others must devote time to learn it. Being highly organized comes naturally to Heather who started a career in health care, moved on to property management and, for 16 years, had a successful career in sales promotion and community relations in the broadcast industry. Her interest in Feng Shui led her to her fascination and love for keeping clutter under control.

Heather teaches clients that everything we own holds good and bad memories for us. The things we surround ourselves with in our homes radiate an energy that we all instinctively know is present. She encourages clients to remove or discard things that are meaningless to them. This simple action opens doors to infinite possibilities of change.
One of the corner stones of the Good Riddance approach is to ensure excess belongings are recycled or re-used.
Heather is a member of the National Study Group for Chronic Disorganization and the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC).

Marlene Peters

Good Riddance Professional Organizing Solutions is pleased to announce the newest member of our team and small business/home office specialist Marlene Peters.

One of the biggest challenges in running your own business is keeping track of paper. Business development, marketing and serving customers seems to always take priority over recording and calculating all of the day-to-day details that it takes to run your successful business.  Marlene has an instinctive and logical approach to all forms of record keeping. With over 30 years working in an office environment, she is well aware of the frustration of not being able to find the paperwork you need.

Where others see undefeatable mountains of paper and numbers, Marlene sees labeled file folders and spreadsheets. Dealing with the records required for managing a household or business is something that is obtainable to ensure your time is spent productively and that elusive receipt or tax information is at your fingertips. Marlene spent 30 years in a key national financial position in the broadcasting industry which included the care and control of client accounts, financial reporting and the directorship of a large financial installation project. Good Riddance is delighted to have Marlene on board.

To find out how Marlene can help you to kiss those piles and shoeboxes goodbye, call us for an appointment at 604 421 5952.


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